CEO Office


CEO Office




First impressions generated on all those who enter an office are a direct result of a designer’s concept. The creative vision of a skilled designer can certainly convey the exact message that the client wishes to impart to a visitor. The tenant of this office was the CEO of the company, and a prominent intellectual, whose qualities we wished to highlight through the design we created for his work space.

Not many designs can bring class and sophistication to a CEO’s office as the traditional style can. Here, ARA has used not only the traditional style, but the best elements of this style and harmonised them with the more relatable aspects of the likes of mid-century modern to create a truly unique masterpiece. It is a perfect example of the elegance and sophistication of the classics blending in seamlessly with the relativeness of the contemporary.

The traditional dark textures and golden highlights are in play with mid-century modern furniture and organic shapes, creating a nice balance between periods. A statement wall lined with books is in stark contrast with the minimalist workspace in front of it. As a result, these contrasting elements make this space appealing to all ages and personalities. The theme is carried on to the reception area as well, with a prevailing dark colour scheme, comfortable mid-century modern furniture and a brutalist cement finish on the walls and ceiling.