Bhasha is a company that provides software as a service. Their office is the working ground for a team of brilliant young minds who engage in creative work on a daily basis. Therefore, this office renovation called for the creation of a space that facilitated a suitable environment for these endeavours and which promoted lateral thinking.

The minimalist design was intended to create a clutter-free space, with a minimal amount of distractions. An amplified spaciousness was achieved by the open floor plan, which helps create a sense of unrestricted freedom within the employees. All other design elements used in this project were designed with the intent to further this concept. The modern minimalist furniture adds not only to the ergonomics of the office space but also to the aesthetics and the
effectiveness of the space.

The overall neutral colour palette consistently maintains the seamless look that we were aiming for. We used red as a highlight colour in sparse as it is Bhasha’s brand colour, thus bringing in brand identity to the space.

While a minimal design like this can be monotonous, we did incorporate some creative elements to add a bit of zest to the mix. The mural depicting the creative and logical sides of the brain sets a colourful backdrop to an otherwise neutral space.

Apart from that, a painting with the handprints of the office staff and a unique typography sculpture designed by ARA add character and the final touches to this project.