MAS Fabric Park


MAS Fabric Park




The concept for the MAS fashion design studio was heavily focused on highlighting the industry that the company is engaged in. The large open hall was transformed into a minimalistic yet iconic masterpiece, fit to display fashionable garments as well as to entertain high-end clients. The ARA team came up with a concept derived from knitted fabric that brings out the brand identity of MAS.

The main feature is a custom designed art piece by ARA that covers the median strip of the celling and extends down to the floor along one of the walls. It was inspired by the knitted threads of a fabric and sets the mood for the entire room. The light-coloured panels of the artwork are highlighted by the dark colours and the raw textures of the surroundings. The dark wooden floor and black and grey concrete are in high contrast with the ceiling piece, leading all eyes towards it on first glance.

The modernist contemporary furniture is minimal yet classy, with wooden, metal, and fabric textures that do not distract from the whole design. The sofa was designed by ARA to further the fabric-based concept, with its bolstered seating fashloned after the threads of a cloth. The dull metal and soft fabric finish help it to subtly blend into the rest of the room without being overly

The main display area has a finish entirely of lighter coloured wood, making the area stand out from the rest of the room, emphasizing the items on display.