Neoteric Residence


Neoteric Residence




At first glance, this concrete behemoth that is the Neoteric residence may look like anything but a residence, but a moment of your gaze will have you in awe of this formidable and tranquil abode.

From the entrance itself, this house borrows from the bunker-llke qualities of the brutalist style. The defensive atmosphere is balanced out mainly by incorporating the element of nature, which adds life to the somewhat bleak disposition of the béton brut.

The tall black metal gate opens up to a frame of green that sets the mood, through which stone pavers lead up to the house. Straight lines, geometric shapes, and sheer size define the building whose mass and scale were meant to impress. At the center of the façade is a towering block of pre cast concrete rising above the roofline for dramatic effect. The stone pavers end here at the main door, a heavy piece of timber with a raw finish, canopied by a black, steel frame to keep in line with the prevailing theme. On either side, tall glass doors and windows offer peaks into the residence and, more importantly, open up the house from within.

The interior boasts rich parquet flooring, minimalist modern furniture, stylish lighting and minimal decor. The ceiling to floor windows reveal lush greenery outside and form a harmonious transition with the outdoors.

This unique design of rough and unfinished textures, monolithic structure, and seamless blend with nature makes this house a perfect example of tropical brutalism.