Curtin University


Curtin University


Nawam Mawatha, Colombo


The SLITT International campus is an institution that hones the bright young minds of tomorrow. Here, from the façade to the interior, we wanted to create something unique. Our concept was to bring life to a design that is not commonly associated with a typical institution of learning, minimum effort and cost.

The façade of the main building was draped with an arbitrary pattern made up of metal squares. These straight-lined geometric shapes helped preserve the brutalist architecture of the building while adding to it. The vividly contrasting colour scheme is not only aesthetically pleasing out substantial.

While black is not a typical colour displayed in front of a university, here it accentuates the stoic quality that emanates from the dulding. rurthermore it gives off a sense of power, sophistication, and formality to this university building. In contrast with these grounded, prevailing energies are the sociable, enthusiastic, dynamic, and vibrant energies brought up by the buttercup yellows, bringing perfect balance to the façade – yin and vang in harmony.

Within the halls of Ivy, the brutalist style is maintained with exposed cement, straight lines and box shapes. Being a minimalistic design, brutalism is ideal for a place of education as it relies on the bare minimum and provides minimal distractions. Lobbies and relaxing areas were injected with a bit of orient-blue to bring in a bit of tranquility. Open hallways and floor-to-ceiling glass doors and panels are used to ensure that there is plenty of natural light available within, and to make the building open and welcoming in appearance.