Niru Diamonds Sri Lanka


Niru Diamonds Sri Lanka


Panadura Industrial Zone


Our very first project, and our entrance onto the stage of Sri Lankan architecture and interior design, Niru Diamonds proved to be an ideal proving ground where we were allowed to stretch our creative muscles. The Factory plus offices located in the heart of the industrial zone of Panadura called for an interesting combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality to highlight their business while getting their day-to-day work done.

Our first façade was inspired by the very precious stones that are carved into priceless works of art behind it. The volumetric structure with a rough concrete finish, straight lines, geometric shapes, and a flat roof brings out an initial impression of a Brutalist hardness that is reminiscent of diamonds. The floor to ceiling glass panels are accented with steel box bars forming the shapes of cut Within the lobby, the hard earthiness is maintained with the rough cement walls and celling and timber floor. The reception desk has also been put to use as a nod towards diamonds, with a design made up of many protruding geometric facets.

As one ventures further inside, the brutalist greys give way to a more sophisticated and sensual black, emphasizing the qualities of this precious stone. The concept is consistent and, like a diamond itself, does not incorporate a single curved line.