The best architecture firm in Sri Lanka

The best architecture firm in Sri Lanka

Searching for Sri Lankan architecture firms? Architecture is not just about designing spaces, but it is more about amplifying human emotions through a far better experience. Ara Interior designers is one of the top architecture firms in Sri Lanka and interior designers look for inspirations from any place to create something that will enhance the way people live, learn, work, play and heal. It is in our core values that we make something that provides joy and serenity in the minds of all those who experience it.

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As architectural consultants in Sri Lanka, Our philosophy is very simple yet comprehensive. We want to establish places that are simple but elegant. The architectural principles and designs change from time to time. People from completely different eras would look for completely different types of architecture. From big hard structures from the golden ages to crafting elements structures in the medieval age. Most of the modern-day humans desire simplicity and elegance in their places. That is precisely what we want to provide to our clients.

We believe that the best design comes from deep within the hearts and minds of our clients. Somehow they know what they are searching for in their new place. With each other with our creative approach, we take out the most effective possible image of what we can bring to them. The modern-day technologies that we use such as micro designing and 3D walkthrough will boost the overall experience of concept and design this is why we are the top architects in Colombo.


We are not a usual architecture company in Sri Lanka, we are a vibrant and energetic team with an ample amount of experience who are strongly committed to giving the highest quality of architectural design that reacts to the aspirations of our clients and adapt to the environment.

Get your upcoming Architectural design done via the best Architects in Colombo Sri Lanka at ARA.


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