NTB Private Banking


NTB Corporate Office


Nawam Mawatha Colombo


In the project that we undertook for the corporate banking division of NTB, our client wished to transition their workspace from a traditional corporate banking environment to a more modern and effective design. ARA catered by opening up their halls, successfully optimizing their workflow.

Modern open floor designs work wonders when it comes to promoting collaboration, communication, as well as ease of movement. The spacious room structure also creates an atmosphere of freedom, from which employees and clients benefit alike. Even though it looks roomy, this was a very restricted space in which an apparent spaciousness was created with intent by design. We relied heavily on the colour scheme to achieve this end. While the white walls add to the space of the room, the white colour of the ceiling hides all the clutter of the air conditioning ductwork. The wooden tops provide a mild highlight to the white tables while adding a bit of class and elegance that is deserving of the brand.

The lack of room for a lounge area for staff was compensated for by an elegant feature wall boasting a built-in seat. NTB’s brand colour, blue, was used as a fabric liner for the seats, where it played off beautifully against the surrounding dark wood. We also used the brand colour on the ceiling deco piece, which was a unique creation by ARA.