Modern Office Interior Design Ideas For Sri Lanka

Modern Office Interior Design Ideas For Sri Lanka

Throughout the last decade, office interior design ideas in Sri Lanka have seen a vast change. The private sector and even government offices seem to be slowly ditching the boring cubicle office structure of the past. In contrast, modern office trends seem to combine many design ideas from around the world to create more aesthetically appealing, functional, comfortable spaces that encourage creativity. With so many office interior design ideas to choose from, Amoda Rathnayake Associates (ARA) have decided to put together a list of our best work, for your inspiration.

The success of any business is impacted by the creative design of its office space. Certainly, it is here that the bar for the overall productivity of the company is set. Modern office designs focus on the productive utilization of space to maximize effectiveness. Well-designed office spaces use functional partitioning to facilitate the varied needs of any company. Not only do these design ideas boost the productiveness of staff but also play a key role in impressing clients and visitors. A good designer draws from a wide array of ideas to utilize, space, style, colour, furniture and lighting to create a thriving office space.

So without much ado, here are a few modern office interior design ideas.

1) Less is more – the minimalist approach

It is for good reason that many bright minds of the world prefer minimalistic designs. The designer who can sculpt a workspace that does not call on too much attention to itself is rare indeed. The minimalist design disregards distracting clutter. In effect, it frees the minds of its occupants and encourages creativeness. Minimalist designs are simple and refined while being comfortable and functional. This is a great office interior design idea for Sri Lanka as simple designs tend to be cost-effective.

Outdesk BPO Services Image 05 | Office Renovation Project in Sri Lanka
The Outdesk BPO services office space above is a perfect example of one of ARA’s minimalist designs.

2) Keep it open

to ditch the more suffocating wall partitions for more intimate and seamless partitioning with the use of glass Many modern offices have taken to using large open areas as office rooms. With time, new designs tend panels and glass doors. As a result, these open offices encourage collaboration by increasing the view across many areas. These designs also make it easier for employees to move about, improving the efficiency of the office. Finally, they are cheaper to build as they incorporate fewer dividing walls.

The Engenuity office space designed by ARA is a perfect example of this. Here the open floor design creates a roomy atmosphere in an otherwise small space.

Engenuity (Pvt) Ltd Image 05 | Office Interior Designers in Colombo
: Fewer walls is becoming a hallmark of modern office designs.

3) No space to waste

With office space becoming an increasingly precious commodity, modern office interior designs call for smart utilization of available space. Unused walls can be perfect for shelving or even relaxing as we have done here. In the absence of space for a separate staff lounge, an unused wall has been used to provide both seating as well as display shelves.

4) Lounge with a view

Outdesk BPO Services Image 04 | Office Renovation Project in Sri Lanka
Outdesk BPO services – staff lounge for ‘chilling out’ with a view.

Although it may sound counterproductive, modern companies understand the significance of the comfort of their employees. Cramped up recreation areas have been replaced by comfortable lounges allowing for creativity to thrive. Consequently, these areas also encourage relaxed collaboration between staff members. A staff lounge as seen above with a cityscape view facilitates much needed winding down after a hectic work session. In turn, this helps boost the efficiency of employees.

These kinds of spaces even encourage staff to arrive early at the office, just to enjoy the view, or a cup of coffee with their colleagues before starting work.

5) Themed reception and lobby

A well-conceptualized reception area is vital in creating a great first impression on visitors and clients that walk into your office. It is a space to advertise your brand and should be able to capture the essence of your company through each design element.

For example, take a look at the reception/lobby that we did for the Ceylon Tobacco Company, below. The back wall with the logo immediately boasts the prestige of the company. The wood textures, elegant reception desk and lighting adds to this created aura. The earthy colour palette hints at the tobacco leaf, pedestalizing their brand and product. The beautiful light mural of a cigarette on the sidewall emphasizes the brand. The spacious lobby and comfortable and modern seating area create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. This is an instance of many elements blending seamlessly to bring life to a design concept.

6) Timeless but modern ceo office

Not many designs can bring class and sophistication to a CEO’s office as the traditional style can. But in this example, ARA has used the best elements of the traditional style and harmonized it with the more relatable aspects of the likes of mid-century modern to create a truly unique masterpiece.

Personalized Office Space Image 14 | Customized Office Interior Designing
This CEO’s office designed by ARA speaks volumes about the intellect, sophistication and class of its tenant.

The traditional dark textures and golden highlights are in play with modern furniture and organic shapes creating a nice balance between periods. A statement wall lined with books is in stark contrast with the minimalist workspace in front of it. As a result, these contrasting elements make this space appealing to all ages and personalities. This elegant and rich interior design idea will help make any office warm and inviting. Besides, you will end up with an office that will never go out of style!

7) Make a statement – on a wall!

One of the most creative ways to enhance your office design is to include a statement wall in your idea. They can be a perfect finishing touch to tie up a concept. Functionally they could serve as a partition or a backdrop. Either way, they open up the opportunity to inspire the occupants of that office space.

Below is a statement wall that ARA created for the new BHASHA office. The mural beautifully sets the backdrop to the clean minimalist office. The artwork depicting the logical and creative facets of the brain makes a statement about the brilliant work done here.

Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Image 11 | Office Renovation Designers in Sri Lanka
Creative statement wall design for Bhasha by ARA.

8) Painting with colours

The colours present within any space has the ability to control the mood of its occupants. Modern office interior design ideas heavily rely on the understanding of not only colour theory but also colour psychology. As a result, designers are able to capture the desired atmosphere within the offices that they create.

The monochromatic palette

A popular modern office interior design idea is the use of a monochromatic palette. A monochromatic palette consists of varying shades of a single colour or hue. These palettes often yield a clean and cohesive finish which gives off an approachable and casual aura. Also, they work well with small spaces, rendering them calm and less stressful to the eyes.

Below is an example of a monochromatic palette that we used at the COATS THREADS lobby area. The main colour blue was chosen as it was the companies brand colour. On the other hand, it is a cool colour which gives the room a peaceful and tranquil appearance. Varying shades of blue are used creatively around the room (over an otherwise neutral palette) to successfully pull off this monochromatic look. Furthermore, the palette is accented with a shot of green using a few strategically placed plants.

Coats Thread Sri Lanka Image 04 | Best Office Interior Designers
Monochromatic theme designed for COATS THREADS by ARA.

A dash of color

While a neutral colour scheme can create a calm and clutter-free environment in a room, a dash of bold colour can add a bit of excitement and liven up thing a bit.

Take a look at this CEO office that we designed for COATS THREADS. The bright and bold blue chairs add a unique touch to the overall neutral palette of the room. As a result, they give the calm and minimalistic room a corner full of energy and creativity.

Coats Thread Sri Lanka Image 07 | Best Office Interior Designers
Bright and bold blue chairs adding energy to a minimalistic room.

Hopefully, these ideas provided you with some inspiration for your next office interior design project. For more modern office interior design ideas like these, feel free to take a look at our extensive portfolio.

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