Modern House Designs For Sri Lanka

Modern House Designs For Sri Lanka

Are you about to build your new house, or renovate your existing home? We understand that finding inspiration for a modern house design in Sri Lanka can be a bit overwhelming. Finding the perfect elements to fit your requirement isn’t as easy as it looks with so many options around. So we at ARA (Amoda Rathnayake Associates) have decided to break down some of the more popular ideas for house designs in Sri Lanka for your inspiration.

The fluid contemporary house designs that are becoming increasingly popular in Sri Lanka borrow heavily from the modern architecture style. They heavily utilize basic materials and forms to achieve a simple and minimalistic look. The architecture focuses on functionality more than anything else. Anything other than what is essential is usually discarded. As a result, this has changed the overall concepts that we have had regarding house building.

Let’s explore some key ideas of the modern style that you can incorporate into your new house design.

Keep It Simple

A key characteristic of modern houses is a simple layout. Decorative structural components of old Sri Lankan houses are slowly being omitted for more functional and affordable designs. Overall these houses tend to be less complicated to build. They favour buildings on flat surfaces rather than building on multiple elevations. These modern designs use rectilinear walls and leave out complex angles and curved surfaces. Hence the construction becomes much faster and overall costs are reduced as much as possible. These benefits make this principle worthwhile to incorporate into any modern house design in Sri Lanka.


Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are another modern house design idea that has been getting popular recently. This concept eliminates unnecessary interior walls to create larger and more open living spaces. For example, kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms include some of the areas in a house that can be easily and functionally merged together. The seamless flow created by combining these highly used common areas increases ease of movement and work while also making entertaining guests more enjoyable. Furthermore, these open spaces will certainly make your home feel much bigger so they are ideal for tight spaces. Regarding the aesthetics of open floors, the concept borrows from the modern style of architecture, so it will certainly add a contemporary look to your house.

In addition to these benefits, open spaces help reduce construction costs as fewer walls mean less materials and less construction time. If well designed they even reduce the build area of the house by combining two or more functionally distinct areas of the house. As a result, it can improve the real estate value of your house.

An attractive open floor design with a merged kitchen/ dining room is an increasingly popular trend in modern house designs in Sri Lanka.

Innovative Space Utilisation

New house designs break away from old stereotypical molds in many important ways. The modern style revolved mainly around the idea ‘form follows function’. Traditional labels are discarded to include components into rooms making them multifunctional. If you are creative enough, every nook can be efficiently utilized. For example, the space under your staircase can be perfectly refitted into a hidden storage area or even a cozy little reading corner. Excess vertical space can be used by creating a minimalist loft as a workspace or a play area for kids. A tucked-away kitchen island work corner means you get to multitask while preparing your meals.

Window Walls - Connecting Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

Another concept gaining popularity within Sri Lanka that you can use in your new house design is the use of floor to ceiling glass panels, windows and sliding doors. Replacing exterior walls with large sections of glass can extend your open house plan right into your garden. They benefit the house by providing ample natural light, allowing you to save up on your utility bills. Large openings also allow much-needed ventilation into your house, keeping the indoors cool during the hot, dry months. The excessive use of glass also creates a seamless transition from indoors to the lush green exterior.  As a result, your living quarters can benefit from the apparent spaciousness that is created. Most importantly, this will also allow you to connect more with nature from within your abode.

Large sections of glass help extend your indoor living space right into your garden in a seamless transition.

Maintain A Raw Tone With Materials

You may have noticed the increasing use of a rough finish in modern house designs in Sri Lanka. Rough or polished cement floors/ walls, unplastered brick, wooden beams and panels, glass, rock and even steel are used more and more to create raw textures and earthy and neutral tones. Consequently, they contribute towards the simple and uncluttered aesthetic that that modern styles strive to achieve. These materials when correctly used have their added benefits. For example, concrete is a popular material in modern house designs for its strength and durability. Additionally, thick concrete walls absorb heat during the day keeping the interior cool, while radiating that heat out at night.

Ref image; 7
Use of cement, wood, steel and glass to create a raw tone by ARA for one of our latest house designs.

Borrow From Different Styles

While ‘modern’ is a distinct architectural style, contemporary designs are not afraid to borrow from many different styles. After all, the overall look of your house should reflect your personality. One such trending style for modern house designs in Sri Lanka is the brutalist style.

This style incorporates solid concrete frames, geometric shapes, prominent slabs, exposed concrete and a predominantly neutral palette. Like the modern style, it prefers minimalism and open floor spaces. As a result, these buildings exude charisma and a unique personality.

Ref image; 8
The simplistic and raw beauty of the Brutalist style

Modern Roof Terraces

A flat roof is a common design element of the modern style with which brings the opportunity to have your own roof terrace. This can be a brilliant way to increase space utilization. The added outdoor space allows for wonderful socializing opportunities. Also, roof terraces bring with them spanning views which were not usually available for typical houses in the past. It is no wonder then that they are becoming increasingly popular in modern house designs.

Ref. Image: 9
A roof terrace can be a wonderful addition to any modern house design in Sri Lanka

We hope that this article gave you some new ideas that you can use in your new house design. For more inspiration, feel free to browse through our extensive portfolio.

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