With the increasing value of real estate, apartments are becoming popular in the Colombo city areas as well as suburbs. Modern families seem to find that the benefits of an apartment life far outweigh the spacious lifestyle of a house. However, it can be hard to find ways to stylize a predesigned apartment to match your vision of a house. As luxury metropolitan apartments are not within the budget of many, many owners of modest apartments might think it impossible to create that luxurious feel within their humble abode. Fortunately, this is not true. You deserve to have that luxury interior décor and do not have to break your bank account to achieve it. This is why ARA has decided to put together a list of luxury apartment interior design ideas for your inspiration.

Luxury interior design is a very fluid concept. It is not a specific style or characteristic that can be easily defined. Rather, it is a final completed look that is achieved by the amalgamation of many elements. It always varies according to your personal preference.  Furthermore, it is a balance of comfort, elegance, quality and sophistication, achieved through stylistic design. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways through which you can achieve this refined appearance in your apartment.


Minimalism is rapidly becoming one of the most relevant style choices for modern luxury apartment interior designing. Embracing the concept of ‘less is more’, minimalism strives to make bold statements with a bare minimum. The design allows you to create more free space with only a few pieces of furniture and décor. A spacious apartment instantly radiates a luxurious atmosphere adding to the overall comfort of the room. Fewer items also mean less clutter. Therefore, one can to truly appreciate the forms and colours that are utilized. Thus it is easy to achieve elegance through the simplicity of forms.

When trying to establish a minimalist interior design, pay attention to your colour palettes and textures as well. A minimal colour palette with only a few hues can be pleasing to the eyes. As a result, this creates a peaceful space with less contrast. Textures too play a vital part in giving your apartment that luxurious look that you are going for. Select only a few textures for each room to create a seamless look that exudes luxuriousness.

Moreover, this laconic interior design idea is one of the most budget-friendly designs that you can use to create a luxury apartment.



The colours that you choose for your apartment can have a great impact on its look and feel. In short, they influence the perception of any space as well as the mood of any occupants of said space. There are many colour palettes that you can utilize to give your apartment a luxurious look.


A severe drawback of budget apartments tends to be their lack of space. It is here that a light palette can be greatly advantageous. Incorporating a light or white dominant colour scheme for your apartment interior design can greatly add to its spaciousness. This apparent spaciousness will certainly contribute to the luxuriousness of your small apartment. Light coloured surfaces reflect a lot of light and will brighten up any tight space using available natural or artificial light. It is also a handy way to cut down on your utility bills while maintaining a clean and elegant look.

Furthermore, a limited range of light hues will create a calm and peaceful atmosphere within your apartment, complimenting a minimalist design. Light-colored walls also act as a beautiful, clean backdrop for a wide range of furniture and décor options.



If you are a bit adventurous, try considering a dark colour scheme for your apartment. While this design idea may not be too conventional, with attention to lighting, composition and contrast, it is possible to create a luxurious looking space with this palette. Although darker tones can come across a bit bulky and sometimes even overbearing, they also exude elegance, sensuality, class and sophistication that your apartment will benefit from. Darker tones absorb more light than lighter tones. For this reason, use it alongside an open floor plan for your main living space, to create a roomier environment. Similarly, use a dark colour scheme in your bedroom to vibe out power and sensuality. Couple this with ornate ambient lighting to create that rich and luxurious feel that you desire.



While a neutral palette creates an uncluttered space, incorporating a few bold hues can go a long way in adding to the luxuriousness of your apartment.  Consider accenting your minimalistic palette with colours associated with luxury, but always in sparsity. Deep shades of hues like red, royal blue or even gold can add a touch of class and extravagance to your design. Emerald green and purple are other options that you can use for a similar effect. If you are feeling eccentric, opt for a palette dominated by one of these colours. and to give your apartment a regal touch. After all, nothing spells out more luxury than enjoying life like royalty.



A texture by definition is the physical feel and visual appearance of a surface. The texture of an object also has much impact on the light. Therefore, it carries great weight in determining the final look and feel of a room. Careful consideration of the textures that you use in your apartment’s interior design will allow you to add to the luxuriousness of it. To achieve a truly luxurious apartment interior design, you must focus on bringing harmony and cohesion between all the textures that you use.

Obvious ways to utilize textures are through the incorporation of large furniture pieces with a prominent texture. This could be in the form of a fine wooden dining table or a leather sofa. Now add layers to it with subtle textures, for example, a ceramic vase for your wooden table, or fabric cushions for your leather sofa. The idea is to blend multiple textures to create a rich scheme full of depth.



Large open spaces go hand in hand with our ideas of a luxury design. Unfortunately, it is in this very aspect that modern budget apartments face their most prominent shortcoming. Nevertheless, it is possible to efficiently manage your floor space and achieve an apparent spaciousness through creative interior design choices. An open floor plan is one of the best ways to do it. Common spaces such as living, dining and kitchen areas can be functionally and spatially merged to economize floor real estate. A large spacious room like this can provide the perfect foundation for a luxury interior design idea. Furthermore, it is a low-cost design choice as it incorporates fewer barriers that need to be constructed.



Lighting is a key aspect to be considered when designing your apartment’s interior. As light controls what we see, the illumination of a room is what ties up the rest of your interior design. Good lighting can enhance the look of your apartment from something dull to a photo-worthy space. With the correct lighting and choice of light fittings, you create a refined and elegant look of a luxurious apartment.

As doors and windows of apartments are pre-designed, you do not have much control over the available natural light of your apartment. However, you should take full control of your artificial lights to create the mood that you want. Consider warm lights for your apartment interior to give it a luxurious and welcoming vibe. Use multiple lights to create layers and zones through contrast. Elegant and intricate light fittings for your general lights are always a part of any luxury apartment interior design. Besides that, don’t be afraid to use well placed ambient lights for a rich and dramatic effect. Use mood lights to increase the comfort of your living space.


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