How to choose Interior Designers in Sri Lanka for your Office Space

How to choose Interior Designers in Sri Lanka for your Office Space

So, you are about to design your office space? Are you stuck in the process of choosing a suitable interior designer in Sri Lanka? With so many options out there, this can by no means be an easy task.

A good interior designer will assist you with redesigning your office space, handle renovations and create a custom office for you that fits perfectly with your work requirements and your aesthetic desires. They should be capable of guiding the whole process with expert advice and practical implementation. Furthermore, rather than completely adopting your stylistic vision, a professional designer should inspire you with their portfolio.

ARA (Amoda Rathnayake Associates) at your service.

When it comes to designing office spaces, ARA (Amoda Rathnayake Associates) is at the forefront amongst interior designers of Colombo. Our team of designers are ready to bring a plethora of experience to your next project. We excel at realizing your ideas and finding unique and creative solutions to your problems, saving you money and time.

Whether you are planning to re-envision your existing office space or looking to create a brand new corporate office, at ARA we will commit and drive ourselves to make your dreams a reality.

Designing an office space

The main objective of an office is to facilitate its occupants in carrying out their day-to-day job tasks. It needs a high degree of space management and optimum accessibility to maintain a smooth functioning environment. Designated areas such as lobbies, work areas, meeting rooms, managerial offices and recreational rooms rely on the designer’s creativity and skill to be able to facilitate their purpose. The practicality and aesthetic appeal of an office space are crucial in motivating staff, boosting productivity and improving communication. Finally, but of equal importance, the clients signature should be visible throughout the design. It should contribute to establishing the brand within the office space.

Why ARA when choosing an interior designer in Sri Lanka?

ARA specializes in understanding our clients’ purpose. Efficiency, comfort, safety of staff, and prioritizing aesthetic value are always considered when creating an optimum design. We follow established design processes to meet the needs of your business but approach each project with a fresh slate to keep away from boxed thinking patterns. Space allocation, controlling traffic flow, colours, textures, furniture and lighting are all considered when we create each masterpiece. Consequently, all of these are tailored as per the client’s requirement. Above all, each design of ARA carries with it an awareness of the client’s brand, which always leads to a truly iconic creation.

What does ARA offer when it comes to designing a unique office space?

  • Understand your requirements for function, style, comfort and color.
  • Develop room layouts fully utilize available space effectively and creatively.
  • Work within your budget range and give you fully costed quotations before work begins.
  • Recommend appropriate finishes to achieve the effect that you want.
  • Design and create furniture, lighting and accessories.
  • Arrange the work required and oversee successful completion.

Creating a concept

The creation of a concept is the first stage of the design process when creating an office space. Therefore, it is here that interior designers comprehend the functional and aesthetic requirement of the client and visualizes it. It is what gives the office space its personality. First impressions generated in all those who enter an office is a direct result of the designer’s concept. The creative vision of a skilled designer can certainly convey the exact message that the client wants to give a visitor.

This is why ARA takes time with each client and each project to make every creation iconic to its self.

Personalized Office Space Image 14 | Customized Office Interior Designing
This CEO’s office designed by ARA speaks volumes about the intellect, sophistication and class of its tenant.

Let’s go through the important aspects of creating a conceptual masterpiece.

Space management

The layout of an office space is significant as it determines the workflow, economy of floor space and equipment as well as the comfort and satisfaction of the staff. It also plays a major role in the impression given to visitors. As a result, this makes space management a crucial part of any office design project.

“Space management can be thought of as the arrangement and partitioning of a floor space and the equipment within the available area to yield maximum productivity and effectiveness at minimum cost.”

ARA works with the following objectives in mind when designing a layout

    • Effective workflow
    • Amply and well-utilized space
    • Comfort and satisfaction of staff
    • Ease of supervision
    • Stunning impression on customers and visitors

We utilize tried and tested design principles to enhance a given area and create a spacious atmosphere even within cramped up spaces.

Arimac Digital NDB Bank Image 02| Bank Architecture and Design
: We used the colour white extensively in our ARIMAC Digital NDB Bank to create a spacious environment within the limited space given. The colour also contributes towards the clean and high-tech look that we wanted to achieve.


Enhancing workflow and facilitation of the interactions between employees is a main objective when it comes to designing office spaces. A good designer creates niches within the design that provides for all of the work-related and personal needs of employees as well as visitors. Therefore, a functional office offers a variety of zones that support the workflow, regardless of the space available.

ARA understands that office designs should reflect daily routines. We design to create spontaneous interaction, collaboration and teamwork between employees. Furthermore, spaces are always included where individuals can work in peace and quiet as well. This is because various zones are required for different types of work.

Different types of zones include lobbies, task-specific areas, shared or common areas, conference or meeting rooms and managerial offices. Task-specific areas utilize the modern open office trend instead of the outdated cubicle method. As a result, it clusters employees with shared objectives for seamless communication and speedy problem solving while subtly enforcing accountability. Common areas can be in the form of kitchenettes that also allow for creative discussions or recreational areas for de-stressing.

Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Image 01 | Office Renovation Designers in Sri Lanka


The style that the designer brings to each project cements the atmosphere that is created by the layout. Importantly, it should also reflect your brand’s personality. The style of the office that the designer utilizes should always be purposeful and calculated for effect.

At ARA, we utilize elements of many time-tested as well as modern styles to create a unique look in each of our projects. Common and trending styles in Sri Lankan office spaces have evolved along with the world. Styles like Home-like office, Scandinavian rec rooms and refreshment areas, Industrial styled open offices, Futuristic high-tech offices and Modern creative and biophilic office spaces have replaced the old sterile and uninviting office styles.

A style can also be eclectic. In other words, it can be various elements of different styles woven together seamlessly and creatively through the skill of the designer.

Outdesk BPO Services Image 01 | Office Renovation Project in Sri Lanka
: We blended Industrial and Modern Minimalistic styles to create a striking amalgamation at the Outdesk BPO Office.

Sometimes, the adage ‘old is gold’ runs true where some projects require the elegance of the classical style that modern styles cannot reproduce by themselves.

Personalized Office Space Image 05 | Customized Office Interior Designing
Elegance and Sophistication of the Classics blended seamlessly with the relativeness of the Contemporary.


The colors displayed within an office space has the ability to affect an employee’s mood, wellbeing and productivity. It can completely change the frame of mind of a visitor within a matter of a few seconds. Therefore, this makes it a vital component of the design process of an office.

When designing an office space, we are becoming more and more aware of the psychology behind color science. Consequently, we are able to utilize those principles to our benefit.

Color also establishes your brand identity and helps in the building of a concept.

Coats Thread Sri Lanka Image 04 | Best Office Interior Designers
Monochromatic theme designed for COATS THREADS by ARA.

Furniture and Lighting

Furniture and accessories are the centerpiece of any workspace. They play an important role in creating a positive first impression on visitors. We have already talked about the importance of crafting this first impression under the conceptualization of a design. Apart from that, they play a vital role in creating comfort and increasing productivity. But good ergonomics is something that all designers consider when creating an office space. It takes a skilled designer to take it to the next level and use the aesthetics of furniture and accessories to bring life to their concept.

Lighting is equally significant in designing an office. A good designer knows how to successfully utilize natural light, making the workspace energy efficient. All artificial lighting should always fit in with the concept. Subsequently, lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood of an office by creating the ambience that you require.

Arimac Digital NDB Bank Image 01 | Bank Architecture and Design
Clean, straight-edged, minimalistic modern furniture and leading lines of lights all contribute towards the hi-tech futuristic theme that we conceptualized for the ARIMAC Digital NDB Bank.


While your budgetary limits will be a deciding factor when choosing an interior designer for your office space, it should not set limits on your functional and aesthetic requirements. A professional designer is quite capable of solving problems and providing solutions that fall within your budget.

To ensure that our clients get the best bang for their buck, we at ARA pride ourselves in our capacity to understand meet their requirements. We maintain 100% transparency throughout the projects, providing experienced advice to guide the client’s decisions. As a result, we help them make their dreams a reality.

Will I get good results if I choose a good interior designer to create my office space?

Yes! A professional designer will guide you through the thought process of visualizing your design. They will use their experience to drive you into evaluating each component of creating a concept for your new office space. Choosing a good interior designer in Sri Lanka for your office space can be hard. It is a partnership built on trust and professional capability. But once you choose, and follow the guidelines that we spoke of above, we are certain that you will end up creating your dream office – or something much better!

To go through our extensive portfolio, click here and you might find inspiration for your upcoming project.

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