The worldwide spread of Covid-19 has had an overwhelming effect on our societies since early 2020. Now, as over a year has passed and the threat of the virus still not being lifted, societies have had to adapt to survive. One significant behavior alteration that we had had to experience across the planet has been the restriction of social gatherings. As a result, the world is seeing an increase in telecommuting as an alternative to working from an office building. Prolonged lockdowns and travel restrictions have forced companies to have staff working from the safety of their own homes. Consequently, the home office concept has been getting phenomenally popular around the world. Many families have now realized the need for a functional workspace from within their own houses. With the increased attention that home offices are getting, we at ARA decided to take a closer look at some of the home office trends of 2021.


Choosing the right spot for your home office is the most important thing to consider when designing one. Understanding your work requirement is paramount for this. It is also essential that you manage the available floor space. With modern houses becoming smaller, space has indeed become a limited commodity. However, with a bit of creative thinking, you will no doubt be able to nail the ideal spot for your workspace. Let’s take a look at some ideas that will help you get going.


If you already have a spare room in your house that you use as a study or a library, that could be ideal for setting up your home office. Don’t worry if it’s a cramped up space. You most likely already have a table in it which you can use as an office desk. Pick furniture that fits the existing interior design of the room so that your workstation doesn’t look out of place. Traditional styles never go out of trend for a study room/ home office. Additionally, you can easily incorporate some modern furniture if you want to give it a contemporary look.



If you are tight on floor space, do not be afraid to prop up a workstation right in your living room. Try rearranging your furniture to free up some wall space. Placing your desk near a window will ensure that you have plenty of natural light while working during the day. Alternatively, you can opt to place your desk in the middle of the room. The back of your sofa can be an ideal place for this. Choose minimalist furniture so that you don’t add too much visual clutter to your living room.



The space under your staircase is most probably unutilized. It has been a growing trend in home interior designing to use that space, for increased floor economy. These days, it is one of the most popular choices of space for a small and cozy home office.



Similarly, an unused alcove anywhere in your home can be the perfect nook for your new home office.  These tight spaces can really benefit from bespoke furniture to become functionally effective. Again, a minimalist setup would be ideal for an alcove home office design.  Use a small alcove near your kitchen to ensure you don’t miss those important conference calls even while you are busy cooking.



The style that you choose for your home office design will determine its aesthetics. Furthermore, you should agree with a style that agrees with your personality as well as the work that you do. With so many options to choose from, let’s take a look at some of the most trending home office design styles of 2021.


A modern style can be one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs that you can choose for your home office. Furthermore, due to this style’s prominence to minimalism, it can also be rather functionally effective. Choose minimalist furniture with clean lines and smooth surfaces. Metal, glass or wood laminate textures breathe life into the minimal look that you are going for. Moreover, a light or neutral colour palette with prominence towards white is a signature of this style. But do not hesitate to accent your palette with a dash of a well-chosen bold colour. You can easily accomplish this with a piece of furniture or a decor item. However, remember that sparsity is the key to make an accent work. Highlight your design with one or two simple deco items, like a modern artwork or photograph over your desk.



Choosing a traditional style for home office design can be a safe option as it never seems to go out of trend. Furthermore, few other styles can pull off the elegance and sophistication that is inherent in this style. It works best for dedicated home office rooms as they set the mood perfectly for a study or a library. Use it for its orderly and consistent aesthetic and its heavy reliance on symmetry. Keep the colour palette dark and warm with neutral walls. Reds, browns and greens are common colours that can be seen in the traditional style. Choose heavy and elaborate furniture. Carved and ornate dark wood is what you are looking for. A wingback sofa propped up next to your desk and a heavy rug will doubtless complete your design.



This is a style that will do wonders to your home office if you have set it up in your living room. The cozy and homely feeling that this style creates will completely emphasize the fact that you are working from home. Since it is a style that works well even with Sri Lankan living rooms, it will create a seamless flow between your office space and the rest of the room. Practicality is the most important aspect to consider here. Keep your design comfortable and functional. Use wooden or even plastic furniture with hairpin legs and frames. Additionally, opt for matte textures rather than glossy ones. Keep your colour palette muted as well. Finally, pick a few abstract pieces of deco to wrap up your design.




As most home offices tend to run on a tight floor economy, investing in bespoke furniture is worthwhile. Custom jobs will always ensure that you get the exact results that you need. To elaborate, you can design the furniture to suit your exact work and space requirements. Another great advantage of customizing your furniture is being able to utilize vertical space to fulfil your storage requirements. Furthermore, you can achieve the aesthetic look to match the rest of your room with custom furniture



Floating desks are a highly trending home office design element and with good reason. As they are wall-mounted, they free up much valuable floor space. Furthermore, they are easy to install and much convenient for working on than a shelf. You can also fix them at the desired height. This gives you the advantage of having a seated/ standing work desk. Fix your floating desk higher up than a regular desk and combine it with a high stool/ chair. As a result, if you are putting in long hours at the desk, this will be beneficial since you can opt for standing and working to give your posture a bit of change.



Modern ergonomic chairs are not only for office use and can be a great asset to your home office as well. The modifiable features of these chairs can provide much-needed comfort during your working hours that regular household chairs simply cannot provide. Besides, they can easily elevate the look of your workspace by giving it a modern vibe. As a result, these chairs are steadily becoming a trending home office design idea.


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